• Format: Pauper singleton with Chaos Draft Top 8*
  • Cost: $20+ Donation Team Ryan Donation Page
  • Where: Hashtag Gaming!
  • Why: Ryan has Crohn's and is raising money for Crohns and Colitis foundation to find a cure!


  • Raffle: For each $20 you donate get a chance to win a Lord of Atlantis print!
  • Example: Donate $25 and get 2 entries to the raffle
  • Win a match againt Ryan chose a deck box that will have some random Promos!


  • Format: Pauper singleton with Chaos Draft Top 8*
  • Gatherer has to indicate at least 1 version was printed as a common
  • Can only have 1 of any card regardless of any card says
  • No Sideboards!
  • Best of 3 games wins the match
  • Bluewizard (Ryan) is the final arbitator of any rules questions
  • Top 7 players from the Pauper singleton will do a Chaos Draft with Bluewizard
  • Packs are unused GP stamped product!
  • Come have fun for a good cause!


Hashtag Gaming Arena